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Examples from the 111th. session. Nice refresher, some of these old resolutions will be revisited and or recycled.

Notice patterns, in how the Titles are worded.

Is the Title, appropriate to the substance or body of the resolution?

When you hear of a resolution search it at, take notice who the sponsor and
co-sponsor are. (hopefully they read it) NOW, you read it then listen to your favorite pundits and their interpretations then compare it to your own understanding. Take Control of what goes into your mind. (alias; second hand information) Lots of "Good Brain Food" out there.

HR  645  FEMA Camps

HR  875  Control Food

HR  877  Stem Cell

HR  1388  Give Act

HR  833  Repeal FED

HR  1022  More Gun grabbing

HR  45  Gun grab

HR  1966  Cyber grab

HR  1276  Save S.S.

HR  1146  Get US out of UN

HR  1207 Audit the FED

HR  1277 Repeal TANF

HR  257 Guns Rights for children grab?

HR  4173 2009 Financial Bail Out

HR  3808 Make foreclosures easier again

HR  3226 CZARS Funding

HR  2262 Bullying in School

HR  2684 Hate Crimes

HR  2977 Keep Space Safe

HR  4872 Health Care Take Over

Current 112th. Session "2011"  Start at HR 1, then look at HR 2HR 3, HR 4 and so on. Amazing work load already set in motion. Where ever your interest are there is something already moving forward. (good or bad)

Your influence is important, good or bad. WE have more in common, when it comes to the basic needs such as food/water, shelter, and companionship. Have your voice be heard, don't be afraid to look stupid! Stupid is, as stupid does. It is all realitive. BE HEARD, you might need a seat belt; One way or another WE all will pay . . . STOP attacking Rights, go after the Wrongs! WE are worth this.

More from the current 112th. Session:

HR  91 Better use of, "Light Bulbs" Act 2011

HR  92 Tele-Care Act of  2011

HR  514 Extend USA Patriot Act

HR  96  Internet Freedom Act

HR 1496  Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011

HR 1983 States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act of 2011

HR 1489 Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011

I bet you have heard of a, "Resolution" or two yourself throughout a year. Read one, AMERICA is worth the time. Make it a better place to live and pass on. Enjoy, the Freedoms others have. Don't be envious. Empower others, remember charity at
home, local. 

How much is spent on this whole process?
How much is truly Constitutional? 
Do you know the difference between a democracy vs. republic?
WE have choice for a reason. What do you choose to put into your mind.
Garbage In, Garbage Out!  (GIGO)
STOP Following, Become a Leader in Your Community
Teach & Reach then, Reach & Teach

YOUR TURN to get Your feet WET!
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"A Point in Every Direction is the Same as No Point at All"
-Dr. Winston O' Boggie-
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