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“2012 The Beginning Of The End”
(of the New World Order)

Pastor; Lindsey Williams

Interviewed by: Alex Jones
December 8, 2011

Never has a Year been more written about than 2012. The writing go back hundreds of years on how 2012 is going to play out.      ”It’s Here” at our threshold and WE will be in the thick of it all before WE will realize it.

First and foremost, Pastor Williams gives ALL Glory to; “Our Creator” to be able to pass this info on, Open Source for you to prepare and get your house in order. Lindsey’s sources have a long incredible track record. This message is dated for posterity.

The Purpose of this message; is not to frighten or create fear in anyone but for you to archive and be able to follow the time line presented. Pass this on sooner than later so others may also benefit.

Current paraphrase boil down as follows by William B. Thorne;

First; many are thinking about Iran now;

Three years ago a lot of saber rattling was going on about Iran, and I said, on this show and others that it would be 2.5 years from now. Well, 3 years have passed since I stated that and I am here today to state Yes, WE are going to war with Iran. . . Not this month, or next month, or the following month.

Horrifying . . .

It is important that Iran fails as designed or as the globalist desire. This means that, It won’t be Israel that fires the first shoot. It won’t be America that fires the first shoot either. Iran, will be intimidated, harassed, imposed on, and pressured from external countries and others sources so that the first shoots will come from within IRAN!

Recently while in the Middle East, Mr. Obama announced to Iran, You have No Later Than Sept./Oct. 2012  to halt your nuclear program or else. (War)

Russia has positioned it’s Navy in the Mediterranean Sea. There are over 30 of the YAKHONT-NEW-GENERATION ANTISHIP MISSILES loaded on board. These missiles are able to go 4x the speed of sound. (folks take note please).

This individual, pointed out that it was their opinion that this will be the Trigger to Start; WORLD WAR THREE, ( W.W. III)
40% of the World’s supply of oil travels thru the, Strait of  Hormuz, once there is an interruption the oil prices will increase quickly.

WE will see oil at $200 and $250 a barrel soon. Within months!  Even though it currently costs $16 dollars a barrel to bring to market in AMERICA! Nice profit.

Obama is their man; he is doing everything they want him to do. They now have to have him Re-Elected in 2012.
The E.U. & Dollar Collapse will not happen this month, next month, or the following month but,


Understand, Gas will jump to over $200 to $250 a barrel. (7or 8 dollars a gallon easy)

WE WILL be at War with Iran

Never has a standing, or crawling, American President while in a economic emergency during War time been denied the White House for a second term. 

These are all elements that will make up your,” November Surprise” for the Election in 2012. WE have been under an, Economic Emergency now for 79 years. But WE will also have the start of  W.W. III at our door step.

Do you hear a sucking sound of all the left over money leaving the country?

Iran, Russia, are flexing their military will for the first time since, “The Cold War”.  Russia and the U.S. Navies are at a, “Stand Off” over Syria, in the Mediterranean Ocean. They have an election in Russia currently and can’t back down. (sound familiar?)

China will aid Iran
Iran will aid Syria
Russia will aid Iran

You Will SEE Wal-Mart & Target without PRODUCTS from China!

The E.U. & Dollar should have already collapsed. The global awaking of how the FEDeral Reserve operates and it's role being understood has slowed their time table down. Now it is going to be about America creating massive debt that won’t be ignored.
(WE must continue to go down this engineered economic rabbit hole.) At the end; They, your global bankers will have the only remedy of course.

When the E.U. crashes WE will have 3 WEEKS at the MOST!

Here are the FIVE thoughts or considerations, Lindsey wants you to have or understand.

First; END of 2012 ALL, private fortunes will be LOST that are secured with paper! Get out of the paper, now folks.

Second; All on Wel-fare, So So security, Food Stamps and like, NO Checks will be cut off. When the US finally defaults on the National Debt that is when there will be an interruption in those checks. (after 2012 into 2013 or beyond)

Third; If you own a farm, home, or business that is paid off you must have three to five years of Gold or Silver on hand to cover taxes. (getting out of paper and going into hard assets will protect your $ from hyperinflation)

Forth; Lindsey, took the time to share with US that F E A R is a SIN. That they (globalist) state there has been NO terrorist attack in America and WE allowed our Rights to be taken away. He also mentioned that FEAR, when bought into, Shuts Off the Brain. So Lindsey suggested, Sleep Well at Night, Stop Looking Behind Bushes, Focus On Productive Solutions, and Trust Your Intuition.

Take in, Good Brain Food

But, Don’t Let Your Guard Down!

Fifth; The last of the OPEC Countries to fall will be, is Saudi Arabia. Many may debate this but it is a fact. MAKE NOTE; Crisis in Saudi Arabia soon.

Gull Island is the, World’s Largest Oil Reserve located in America and Canada. (there has NEVER been a oil shortage) There currently digging down eight miles making Super Deep Well at that location. It is the globalist Desire’s and Wishes that WE will be BEGGIN’ for the GAS from this well and willing to PAY TOP $ . . . And include TOP $ for F O O D!

The globalist have their own, “Think Tank”. They KNOW that something is going to happen in 2012 that has;
Never Happened on Earth Before!

The exact words Lindsey used were,” Devine Manifestations”

Lindsey discusses what he refers to as, “Devils Messiah”.

Pastor Lindsey Williams,  for:  888-799-6111  (3 hr. reproduction)

In closing;        2012'

01 January                                           
02 February                
03 March                  
04 April                      
05 May                             
06 June
The last four months are all in caps, because it is my understanding that by September, Everything, "Will Be Coming Apart at The Seams". Realistically, WE only have a Very Few Months. (7 months tops) TO PREPARE

Don’t become an Emergency to someone because, You Did Not Prepare!

When Hyper-Inflation kicks in, same with fuel prices, it is not something that will take time to unfold. No, no it can happen over night or in a couple days and really catch you off guard.

Think of the little things, car parts. If you know of items your car will need  for the next few years, buy them now and put on shelf. Have little treats also set aside. When things get tough you can make someone's day with them.

Cards, candles, board games ect. It isn’t as much about being smart as being efficient with what you have to work with. There will be interruptions in your supply lines or basic needs and or utilities as well. So, plan on it. What will your remedy be?

Anyone remember wash bowls? Use 2 wash bowls; one w/clean water, an  one w/dirty water, afterwards use that bowl water to recycle the toilet. Two uses for the water. Water is valuable.

Whenever you are able to kill two birds with one stone always save the second bird. You may want it later.
Hide your food. Don’t boast to others how much you stashed. You all know what stashed means right? The globalist are panicking, keep the pressure up and continue to resist this fascist planned economic collapse.

Continue to audit the FEDeral Reserve Bank. Demand the FED answers to US on where the $29 Trillion went to in 2009 as reported by Bloomberg.

Expose the 1.5 Quadrillion in BOGUS Derivatives that are not backed by anything, never secured by anything and the Banksters believe WE are responsible for. This is a Black Hole of Debt America will Never be able to get out from under. Reinstate the
Glass-Stegal Act of 1933 and once again end these bogus fraudulent financial instruments from being created. A resolution was in the House of Representatives to do this. (revisit; HR 1489 Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011)     

Learn the Difference between Austerity, and Insanity.  How much more are you willing to endure? Are you tired of paying for the demise of your entire family?  Finally, THANK YOU Pastor Williams for the straight talk.
Pastor Lindsey Williams
Liberties Yours

FRANCE gas prices are
$12 to $14 per gallon 2/2012
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