In contemplating the dyer political and economic circumstances within which we find ourselves of late, I believe that our problems are not so much either political or economic, but rather spiritual, and even more specifically: egotistical.  It appears to me that so much time and energy is being spent on addressing symptoms, by blaming and condemning, little to no time is given to discovering and treating actual issues, by contemplating what is missing.  Thoreau was right when he said “thousands hack away at the branches for everyone striking at the root.”

  I, for one, choose not to be numbered among those pruning the bush.  My experience says that eliminating branches only makes its numerous tentacles grow back stronger.  I was once told I was making government stronger by opposing it, by revealing its flaws and weaknesses, and thereby affording it the opportunity to plug its legal loopholes.  Given the nature of government, being that of control by force, it necessarily follows that as government grows its tendency is to strengthen its weaknesses by passing increasingly oppressive laws.  Given the present course and speed of the growth of the current U.S. Empire, it won’t be too long before its “Death Star” is fully operational and its shields at full strength.

  “Resistance is futile,” say the Borg of Star Trek, a metaphor of every empire’s bombastic methodology of increasing its collective power by justifying its existence.  In typical egotistical style, we eventually respond: “I’ll be damned before I capitulate!” Invariably leading to bloodshed on both sides—the whole “Tree of Liberty” needing to be “watered by the blood of tyrants and martyrs” thing.

  If we fast-forward our present scenario, it leads inevitably to a violent clash between those who champion freedom, and those who love relative order and perceived security, and fear those who champion freedom; the former being individuals who just want to be left alone, and the latter being government minions, begrudgingly facilitating the will of their mindless master, mammon, to ensure that they have a roof over their head and food on their table.

  If we choose instead to champion neither side, by facilitating neither control nor championing perceived freedom, and rather approach the current enigmatic reality with calculating reason, we have history to affirm our conclusion that doing the same thing over again will lead to the same historical result: calamity and desolation.  I for one do not find such to be in the best interest of America, or for that matter the world, and therefore look for an answer outside the parameters of the world’s equation being fed to us by propagandizing media, compromised pulpits, and purchased politicians.

  The root of the problems we face today can be found at the same place in which we find the solution; the bathroom mirror. All of our problems begin in the one being reflected, who contributes to the whole. We need merely realize that the world in which we live is a culmination of the choices of the individuals who comprise the whole; a circumstance mirror, of whatever we have projected, both individually and collectively, onto the world. “Whatever we sew,” the world reflects back to us: “so shall we also reap.”

  Our participation in the machine is what the Empire requires to survive.  It  matters not whether that participation be either facilitation, or resistance.  One feeds on and empowers the other. If we eliminate either one or both elements of the equation, the formula, and therefore the force, is thereby negated.

  Non-cooperation is therefore the only viable means to a peaceful end, being the only true power capable of disarming the pariah eating out the substance of those it purports to represent. To those who are compromising their oath of office by supporting this abomination, may I suggest you simply stand down. To the overwhelmed majority of society, Jesus revealed the path by doing it.  Tolstoy wrote about it.  Gandhi among many others, have demonstrated its potential. 

  I pray we come to understand and implement our true power in concert with this amazing historical opportunity, applying this power in a manner most appropriate and conducive to maintaining a sense of order in lieu of what will otherwise be a complete societal disaster.

David Justice  2010'

“Death Star” is fully operational, & its shields are at full strength.


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