The WORLD is changing. Are these changes by chance or have they part of a larger plan. Here at this link WE will address these points and present historical plans and motivations that are well documented. Movie Documentaries will be posted to support the individual points presented. The opinions are based in facts  that will be included. WE believe that most media serves their own purposes and has lost their credibility.

There are many talented people that are moving these discussions forward. The trillion dollar corporations enjoy the leverage that they currently have and prevent opposing views from emerging while they claim diversity. Those corporations interests differ greatly from what most of the Worlds peoples interests, needs, and desires are. Once again the purpose is to elevate the conversation, not to offend. Feel free to drop an email and share your side. Be constructive, present your own plans. It is easy to complain, but if you have ideas then there is value. WE are all Globally being effected and suffering from the actions of a few profiteers.

The first item to address is the difference between an Agenda verses a Conspiracy. Words have meanings and the meaning seem to change throughout time. It is important to understand why this happens and who gains or benefits from their agenda's. Words are used against US all, daily. If WE understand this element WE might not be so quick to consent to the word manipulation masters.

CONSPIRACY; An evil plan formulated in secret by two or more persons.

AGENDA; Is simply a list of things to be done.

CAUSE and EFFECT; For every reaction there is an equal an opposite reaction.
(Law of Thermodynamics or nature)

Another concern that is relevant is an understanding or not if there is a, "Right and Wrong" and who or what determines this. This is one of the foundational building blocks to a society that will continue to grow or not. Many believe Morality goes along with this understanding.

Is there a difference between, Religion vs. Spiritual? Keep this in mind. Some are quick to react without thinking through what is presented. So, if you suffer from the knee jerk reaction beware, I bite back. Some sincerely care about what is happening Globally. America is the, "King Pin" to the "Free World" and if WE fall it will be a very long time before WE will have what has been set aside. With all this said, "Let the Conversation Begin".

Guns don't kill people, Politicians do! Dictators historically have been successful at pitting people against one another masterfully. Democide, is what has killed over one hundred and fifty million people in the past 20th. Century (150,000,000). That is more than all centuries of war fair in World history combined. (FACT) WE will be held accountable for our politicians actions.

It is easy to break US into a variety of groups, either by our origins, age, race, economic status, and gender as examples. WE should be happy with who WE are and where we came from, but never forget that no matter whom you are or where your roots are people have three (3) basic needs.




Globally, including America these needs are not being met, it is deliberate part of this "Progressive Agenda".


Posted; February 22, 2013'
The Grinding Down of AMERICA!

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"AMERICA is like a Healthy Body &
Its Resistance is Threefold:

Its Patriotism, Its Morality, &
Its Spiritual Life,

If WE can Undermine these Three areas,
AMERICA will Collapse from Within"

Joseph Stalin
The Progressives basically say, the state itself is the ultimate power cause there is nothing or no laws higher than the state, there is no appeal against it if no law is higher than the state! Mans law or GOD'S Law, your choice is gone. Subvert from the inside. NO opposition.


They don't use the word communism or liberal currently. At the Communist Party USA web site they like the word, "Progressive". They are masters of deception in the use of language. Be sensitive to their choice of words. Most liberals don't agree to communism but they do become, "Useful Idiots" to these word twisters. This is how Vladimir Lenin felt; the Founder of the Soviet Union. Lenin's philosophy believed he could not achieve his goals without the Consent of the, "Useful Idiots".

A excellent BOOK THAT OUTLINES 45 PRIORITIES to bring AMERICA down from within was published in 1958 titled, 

is a must read. Communism is the final stage of Socialism the final destination on the road WE are traveling. People under 50 years of age know very little about Communism, which leads to the next question we will explore.


MASS MURDER, in times of Peace. The 20th. century more mass murders were performed during peace time than the entire World history from it's beginning. 120 to 500 MILLION deaths occurred when global abortions are added in. A handful of people at the top want to control every aspect of life. It is as simple as some are entitled to more privileges, benefits, freedoms than others. Those who disagree do not last for long or even have a chance. Social Justice for the greater good prevails. Justice is necessary. When you put another word in front of Justice it implies that WE are taking from one group more, for another group to create parody, so Social Justice is really Socialism.

America's Rights come from GOD not man. Our Rights are covered in the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution which are, "Unalienable" which means they can not be traded, sold, bartered, or given away. Unless you by your consent, choose to do so by allowing Treaties (imposter laws) to do so . . . That is why, knowledge is power and understanding history is critical. The Bible states WE all are created in GOD'S image and everyone has the Right of Life. One person isn't more valuable than any other. All life is precious. It is our responsibility to protect the weakest or most vulnerable in our society. This is a value based in scriptures. Four hundred years if your were fortunate enough to know how to read it was for the Bible. Not TV Guide or O.
"The GOAL of Socialism is Communism"

Vladimir Lenin
Founder of the Soviet Union
Frederick Nicke tried to convince the world that GOD was dead. Charles Darwin and the Huckley's tried to prove that humans are simply part of the animal kingdom. They knew that they had to kick the chair out from underneath the people because as long as WE believe our Rights came from GOD, WE will not accept their humanistic philosophy.

Karl Marx realized that the philosophies of Nicke and Darwin would legitimize his own philosophy of communism. Marx, knew that their ideas would justify the brutality and slaughter that would be necessary to implement communism Worldwide.

In March 1883 when Karl Marx the father of Modern Day Communism died the assumption was communism would die with him, because only nine (9) people attended his funeral. October that same years a socialist group formed in England called, the Fabian Society.

Fabians would bring Socialism in by evolution vs. Marx, communism by revolution. If you notice in the Fabian symbol there is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. This is the first give away to be careful. George Bernard Shaw was a open Fabian for close to fifty (50) years. Joseph Stalin is a first rate Fabian, I am one of the Founders of the Fabians and as such a friend to Russia, George Bernard Shaw proudly stated.

The Fabians brought the, "Students for a Democratic Society" (SDS) and "Weather Underground" to America. Rev. Jim Wallace who advises our President have been friends for years. Both Wallace and the President go back to Chicago. Rev. Jim Wallace was President of the SDS and claimed, America falling to North Viet Cong was one of the happiest days of his life.  
"I have been waiting for something to happen for a week a month or a year.

With the BLOOD in the ink of the headlines
and the sound of the crowd in my ear.

You might ask what it takes to remember
When you know when you have seen it before

Where a government lies to a people
and a country is drifting to WAR

There is a shadow on the faces
of the men who send the guns

To the WARS that are fought in places
Where their business interests run

On the radio, talk shows on TV
You hear one thing again, and again

How the USA stands for Freedom
and WE come to the aid of a friend

But who are the ones WE call our friends
These governments KILLING their own

For the people who finally can't take anymore
and they pick up a GUN, or a brick, or a stone

And there are lives in the balance
There Are!
Children under FIRE
There Are!
Children at the cannons
There Are!
And there is BLOOD on the wire

There is a shadow on the faces
of the men who fan the flames

Of the WARS that are fought in places
Where WE can even say their names

They sell US the President the same way
the sell US our cloths and our cars

They sell US everything from
Youth to division

The same time they sell US their WARS
I want to know who the men in the shadows are

I want to hear someone asking them WHY
They can be counted on telling
US who our enemies are

But they are never the ones that are
willing to fight or DIE!

And there are lives in the balance
There Are!
Children under FIRE
There Are!
Children at the cannons
There Are!
And there is BLOOD on the wire

Jackson Brown
(Lives in the Balance)""
Here is a 4.38 min. MP3 to introduce a must see you tube Movie titled,
"AGENDA, The Grinding
Down of AMERICA"

Fabian Socialist formed strategy wrote by a Italian communist named, Antonio Gramsci. Antonio wrote over 2,000 pages on how to use our own institutions, media, Hollywood, church's ect. to take America down from within. It set the standards. A revolution without realizing it or without a shoot. Which brought forward, Saul Alinsky with Leon Depree, to publish their book titled,


Which our President taught for four (4) years in the Chicago area. The dedication in the front of this book gives a clear insite on where or how far they will go in the their efforts to take this country down. The dedication reads as follows a direct quote!



This is a good insight on where their plans and ideas are based more then anything. Saul Anlinsky's impact on the Leftist Movement defines it. (Evil) The best of Gramsci & Fabian ideas combines, repackages the crisis strategy that has been so effective.


Wade Rathke started A.C.O.R.N. and was also the draft resistance organizer for the S.D.S. the group the Fabians started